Straw Pulverizer/Straw Cusher/Straw Grinder Machine

Straw Pulverizer/Straw Cusher/Straw Grinder Machine

   From this page, you can get the Wood Powder Machine,Forage Chopper,Straw Pulverizer,Silage Forage Cutter,wood crusher,wood grinders. if you are interested in our products,please contact us by E-mail( or telphone, thank you.
  Forage chopper apply to shredding all green, like hay, straw Valley, corn stalks, wheat straw and other forage, the machine is technologically advanced, high efficiency, reliable, guillotine cutting quality, operational safety advantages apply to the size of farms, dairy farms, farmers, dry pastures, chopped green feed mills and the use.
   Straw Pulverizer contains the following parts:
   Feeding parts: feeding platform, up and down roller, fixed blade, blade holder.
   Blade lifting device: moving blade, blade wheel, bolts and so on.
   Transmission parts: V-belt, transmission shaft, gear, universal joint and so on.
   Running mechanism: on-ground wheels.
   Protection device: protection cover.

Product Origin: zhengzhou
Model Number: 5688968
Brand Name: Forage chopper

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