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   From this page, you can get the Drum Chipper,Coal Briquette Machine,Stump Grinder,Disc Wood Chipper,wood cutting machine,wood crusher. if you are interested in our products,please contact us by E-mail(sales@woodcrushermachinery.com) or telphone, thank you.
  Wood chipper can chip wood with diameter less than 200 mm. Wood Crusher is very popular in paper mill. Disk chipper contains main body, shaft coupling, base shelf, and motor and so on. The main body consists of blade disk, cover, feeding opening and output opening.
  ??Disc Wood Chipper is a new and idea machinery equipment before producting the wood powder,it can be once processed wood?branch fork etc material into wood chips. It has low investment and energy consumption, high productivity, good economic returns, easy maintenance etc advantages. Wood cutting machine can be used for the development of edible fungi, particle board, HDF board sawdust raw materials production.

Product Origin: zhengzhou
Model Number: 453645
Brand Name: Wood Chipper

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