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   From this page, you can get the Wood Peeling Machine,Wood Crusher,Coal Ball Briquette Machine,Coal Briquetting Machine,wood slicer,wood chipper. if you are interested in our products,please contact us by E-mail( or telphone, thank you.
  The honeycomb briquette machine is specially used for making honeycomb coal?it has crank and connecting rod for ramjet?compact form ?stable work ?use and maintenance conveniently.
  It‘s the first choice for civil honeycomb briquet and environmentally-friendly boiler square briquette. Closed honeycomb machine (briquettes machine) is a set of super-heavy coal in domestic which is developed by our company on the basis of decades of experience in the production of briquette machines, comprehensively analysis characteristics of many kinds of internal briquetting machines, then by trial and error argues.
   The design of formed coal production process is the premise of selecting formed coal equipment. Coal Briquette Machine Suppliers is necessary to arrange production process flow reasonably according to the production flow, ensure quantitative accuracy and matching of all procedures, implement strict control to ensure smoothness and correctness of all procedures, and combine the characteristics of the pressed raw materials and binder, as well as requirements of productions capacity, so as to figure out line pressure intensity and hourly production capacity of the forming machine as the digital basis for the selection of equipment(provide these data to the equipment manufacturer ). Our company is mature in terms if binder, complete equipment technology, drying and other technologies, which can greatly reduces costs and improve economic efficiency of enterprises; we can provide one-package services including site planning and design, equipment coordinative composition, installation, debugging, etc.

Product Origin: zhengzhou
Model Number: 4578687
Brand Name: coal briquette machine

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